Ah and Ung

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Ah and Ung
Land Mon-chien (Eastern Mind)
Milky Way (Chu-Teng)
Location Ping-chao (Eastern Mind)
White Road Gate (Chu-Teng)
Role Creature

Ah and Ung ( A & U N ) are a pair of Ball Dragons that appear in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou and Chu-Teng. In both games, they serve as gatekeepers.

In Tong-Nou

Ah and Ung serve as the gatekeepers of the Palace of Dreaming Ping-chao. They require the player to answer the riddle "What is it that awakes King-gyou?" in order to enter. Correct responses for the riddle include answering "Golden Flower" or giving them the actual item. Alternative answers include giving them the Gold Ingot or distracting them with the Hitogata.

Tong-Nou Book Entry

Gatekeepers of the entrance to the Palace of Dreaming Ping-chao. Ah is green and Ung is red. When visitors try to cross the borders into the palace, Ah and Ung rush over to hurl a riddle. They'll surely drive you away if you cannot answer correctly.


They believe their intelligence quotients are quite high. They like riddles because they are intellectual games. They are into alchemy and are very fond of gold.


They neglect those with low intelligence. As they confine themselves within a room in the palace, for them visitors are rather bothersome.

In Chu-Teng

Ah and Ung have reincarnated into Chu-Teng and serve as the gatekeepers of the three Road Gates. At the White Road Gate in the Milky Way, they require you to show that you have the Star Tally. At the Yellow Road Gate, Ah and Ung will let you through if you have all of the Seven Pearls. At the Red Road Gate, they will let you through if you have the Seven Mirrors. They will also perform the name incantations for the Seven Pearls and Seven Mirrors.

Chu-Teng Tablet Entry

Habitat and Role

Ah and Ung have reincarnated from Tong-Nou to Chu-Teng as golden Ball Dragons. They are divided into three at the White, Red, and Yellow Road Gates. They have also learned a name incantation. However, they are still fed up with their gatekeeping duties.


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