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Ying and Yang ( I N & Ya N , イ'とヤン) are twins that operate the Computer Room in The Land of Time. They have a sibling feud dynamic between each other. Their primary function for the player is to give hints as to the King of Time's name, which must be known to complete the missions of Kai and Tou as well as to acquire the Fire Magatama.


Ying is red. He considers Yang to be dull and annoying. He says the King of Time's name doesn't end with "-gyou". Sui-gyou thinks Ying is foolish but still wishes to establish an alliance with him.


Yang is purple. He considers Ying to be a constant liar. He says the King of Time's name begins with "Ka" .


  • Yang's remark that "Ying is a pack of lies" is a hint for the player to only believe the opposite of what Ying says; to know that the king's name does end with "-gyou".
  • It is unknown if the two are associated with the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang.
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