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Mong-i ( Mo N I ) is a Magatama collector for Sui-gyou, who stores the Magatamas for dreaming purposes. He longs for when he can dream instead of Mong-aru. He can be found in the tunnel that connects Tong-Nou's left cheek and Mon-chien. When interacted with, he will tell the player about how he is exhausted from his job and that he envies Ah and Ung's carefree life

Tong-Nou Book Entry

Collector of Magatamas for dreaming. Appointed
the role of collecting Magatamas which flow into
Mon-chien (Land of Dreaming). Mong-i
swallows these Magatamas into his stomach and
presents them to Sui-gyou (King of Mon-chien).
All Magatamas are gathered and stored in the
Palace of Dreaming Ping-chao.

Using his privilege to
collect Magatamas,
Mong-i conceals fine
ones for his own use.
Fine ones are usually
taken by Sui-gyou, so
Mong-i hides them in
secrecy until his turn
comes around.

Longs for his turn to
dream. Devotes himself
daily to the collecting of
Magatamas. Exhausted
from this full-time duty,
he wishes for a shift.

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