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Land Tong-Nou
Location Various
Role Creature

The Fang-shing ( Hu A N Shi N ) are identical creatures that appear in every land of Tong-nou. They are the most common of all creatures, having the highest frequency of being born from the Mingke-shu. The Fang-shing are known for running around and singing the word "fun" repeatedly. When interacted with, they give hints broken into single words or phrases.


Location Hint Meaning
Fire tunnel Eyeball-stone. Find. Market. Phantom. Hou-ang. Find. The player should look for large Eyeball-Stones (not to be confused with the item), which lead to the Phantom Marketplace Hou-ang.
Land of Time Peach. Important. Mon-chien. Dream Land. Peach. Market. Phantom. Hou-ang. The Peach can be acquired from the Land of Dreaming Mon-chien, then traded in Hou-ang for a Tong-Nou Illustrated Book.
Land of Time One step. Right. Entrance. The entrance to the Fire Tower of Time is one step to the right of where this Fang-shing is found.
Helix Palace Moku-gyou. Hate. Ant. Allergy. Sneeze. Ants can be used on Moku-gyou to distract him and enter the Tree of Life.
Helix Palace Moon Water. Bad water. No good water. Rin should not drink the Moon Water that Pu-ryao offers.
Right ear tunnel Triangle sign. Tong-nou. Go. The Chu-Teng signs throughout every world lead to the Central Mountain Tong-nou.
Land of Life Helix. Palace. Luo-shang. Many Traps. King-gyou. Nasty. Mean. Each room of the Helix Palace embodies a human desire, which gets Rin killed if he indulges in them. King-gyou himself is known to turn souls into jewelry and statues.
Land of Life forest Turn right. Turn left. Mingke-shu. Tree. Life. The Tree of Life Mingke-shu can be found by going right and left from where you encounter this Fang-shing.
Left ear tunnel Seal. Tong-nou. Mountain. Seal. Breaking the seal of the Central Mountain Tong-nou is one of the main objectives of the game.
Land of Dreaming A-mong. Very bad. Don't talk. No. No. No. The A-mong Family are thieves who steal items from the Furoshiki.
Palace of Dreaming Magatama. Sick. Don't touch. Touching the nearby Ill Magatama will result in death.
Palace of Dreaming Fire-Tower. Tong-tah. Entrance. North. The entrance to the Fire Tower of Time Tong-tah is north on the Compass.

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  • When slowed down, it becomes apparent that the Fang-shing are singing a melody from the Tong-Nou Theme.
  • Audio-wise, the Fang-shing say "fun" 17 times in 3 seconds.
  • The amount of times "fun" is written varies with each instance.
  • According to the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book, Moku-gyou considers the Fang-shing annoying, and wishes to eradicate them. However, neither he nor anyone under his command has ever successfully done so.
    • On this note, some Fang-shing locations cause the player to accidentally click on them when attempting to do something else, making the the game pause as they say their hint and wasting a lot of time.
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