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The A-mong Family ( E Mo N) are a family of thieves who live in Tong-nou. They steal items from the Furoshiki, each having a specific preference and method of attack. A-mong members can be identified by their cape, three legs, and a gray headpiece with horns on it. Each member is named after the numbers one through five in Japanese, their associated number counts towards their amount of horns and the number on their chest and headpiece.


Main article: Ichi-a-mong

Ichi-a-mong lives in the Land of Life Ming-ken. He will steal the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book, Amulet, or Hitogata.


Main article: Ni-a-mong

Ni-a-mong lives in the Land of Time Shi-chieng, more specifically on the second floor of the Fire Tower of Time Tong-tah. If the player does not look away in time, he will steal the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book, Compass, or Eye-Glasses in this order.


Main article: San-a-mong

San-a-mong resides in the Central Mountain Tong-nou. He appears when looking left from the gate, and asks the player to say his name. He steals if the player does not enter his name correctly.


Main article: Yo-a-mong

Yo-a-mong lives in the Land of Desire Yui-wang, more specifically on the roof of the Helix Palace Luo-shang. He will offer a gambling game to Rin, who can bet using metal items and possibly win an Eyeball-Stone.


Main article: Goh-a-mong

Goh-a-mong resides in the Land of Dreaming Mon-chien. He steals the Peach and some items given to the player by King-gyou: the Panacea, Sun Water, Sheep Intestine, and Chopsticks.

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