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Land Chu-Teng
Location Star Palace
Role Star Light

Heki ( He Ki, ヘキ, Heki) is a Star Light who acts as the library of the Star Palace. It contains several ancient documents and can be unlocked with the Library Key.



Paper is an item that can be lit by the Starlight Flame.

Hint Poem #1

Ears of the Moon
Feather of the Sun
These items
Can take you to
And from the palaces


This rock serves as a teaser for Kai-Shi, which was supposed to be the final game in a trilogy of OSD games featuring Rin, but production for the game never began.

The world that rests on the seabed

Hint Poem #2

The fire exists for its brightness.
It is meant for awakening.

Weapons exist to capture.
They are not meant to kill.

Birds exist to sing.
For that power, they are an offering.

Prayer and honor
Pave one's own road.


Main article: Library Scroll

This scroll lists the names and purposes of the rooms that comprise the Star Palace.

Chu-Teng Tablet Entry

Habitat and Role
A light of the Star Palace.
Acts as a library found in
the Wall Room.
In its body, Heki has custody of
ancient documents
which are reference-only and
cannot be taken out.
They are free to browse.
There is an abundance of other
useful documents in the library
as well.

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