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Land Yui-wang
Location Roots of Mingke-shu
Role Lost Soul

Jin (Ji N, ジン) is one of the creatures that Rin can reincarnate as in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. He was meant to be born in Yui-wang, and serve as a faithful servant to King-gyou.


According to the Mirror and the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book, Jin was meant to serve as a faithful servant to King-gyou. However, due to the weight of Rin's soul, Jin's body melts during reincarnation. Nonetheless, Jin fulfills his short life. Which makes Jin the easiest creature to reincarnate.

Tong-Nou Book Entry

Born in Yui-wang (Land of Desire), with a mission to serve as a faithful subordinate of King-gyou (King of Yui-wang).


Gold before anything. Therefore, admires King-gyou for his body of gold. Wishes he were born as gold.


Detests water, for it will corrode his bronze body.


Jin's life ends within the character select menu, and he is effectively a joke; simply select him and proceed through the subsequent cutscene and grab his nameplate.


  • Despite never appearing as a pre-rendered image in-game, Jin's full "body" (featuring his legs) has a render in the Karacters gallery.
  • In the opening cinematic of Eastern Mind as well as the Tong-nou Promo Video, Jin's "ears" are shown to distend like trumpets. Since Jin never animates aside from him melting, this is never shown in-game.
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