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Land Yui-wang
Location Yui-wang
Role Lost Soul

Sha ( Shi Ya, シャ) is one of the creatures that Rin can reincarnate as in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. Sha is born in The Land of Desire with the mission to collect four missing musical instruments within Tong-Nou: the Bell of Gold, the Flute of Water, the Drum of Fire, and the Koto of Wood. Sha is already born with the Bell of Gold, an instrument which reveals hidden rooms as well as the three other musical instruments scattered around the island. Sha has two special rooms, one in the Land of Desire to which the instruments are to be returned, and one in The Palace of Dreaming where the Flute of Water is located. Both rooms are opened by playing the Bell of Gold.

Sha has two options for what to do when in possession of all 4 instruments: completing their intended destiny (placing all four instruments in their room, causing them to play in concert and create the Little Box of Sound) or giving them to King-gyou despite several warnings not to from the other characters.


Sha must collect all four of the missing musical instruments and return them to the Land of Desire.



Sha starts in the Land of Desire, where their room can be opened by facing "the statue opposite the room of two dragons" (the statue hiding the brick hallway which contains the Golden Flower) and playing the Bell of Gold. This room is where the four instruments will eventually be placed.

Flute of Water

Sha must head to the Palace of Dreaming and open their room there, also done by playing the Bell of Gold. Inside this room, clicking on the projected image of the Flute of Water will cause it to physically appear in the room where it can be picked up.

Drum of Fire

Sha must head to The Land of Time and manually ascend the Fire Tower of Time (without the help of Ga-show) until the beating of the Drum of Fire indicates its presence. It is on the very first screen of the fourth floor; on top of the stairs right after where T.B.C. is found. Playing any instrument here will cause the drum to appear.

Koto of Wood

Sha must head to the footsteps of the Tree of Life within the Land of Life and play an instrument, revealing the Koto of Wood.


With all four instruments found, Sha must return to the Land of Desire to complete their mission. Sha has two choices: place the instruments in their room forming the Little Box of Sound, or give them to King-gyou who promises a gem in return (an offer which, being King-gyou, he does not follow up on, instead taking the instruments and giving nothing back). Both endings will still result in Sha recieving their Nameplate.


  • Sha's body resembles various musical instruments. Their head looks like a violin and their chest has the keys of a piano.
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