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Land Ming-ken
Location Along the path to the forest
Role Creature

Ichi-a-mong is a member of the A-mong Family of thieves, and is associated with the Land of Life Ming-ken.


Ichi-a-mong is purple, with the Tong-nou symbol for "1" on his hat and chest. "Ichi" (一, いち) means the number "one" in Japanese.


Ichi-a-mong waits to ambush travelers who take the left path to the forest of Ming-ken.

Item Preference

Ichi-a-mong will steal either the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book, Amulet, or Hitogata. This makes him one of the most dangerous A-mong members to encounter, as these items are all quite valuable.

Tong-Nou Book Entry


[...] Ichi-a-mong likes paper. [...]

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