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Land Mon-chien
Location Ping-chao, the Palace of Dreaming
Role Lost Soul

Byou ( Bi Yo U , ビョウ) is one of the 8 creatures that Rin can reincarnate as in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. His mission is to replace Zuo-mong's defective Eyeball of Dreaming. Byou is born with the Wrench, which he needs to complete his mission.


Byou is born in Mon-chien, the Land of Dreaming. He must acquire a new Eyeball of Dreaming from underneath Mingke-shu and install it into Zuo-mong.


Go to the Palace of Dreaming. The simplest way to pass Ah & Ung's riddle at the entrance is to answer "Golden Flower", other options include giving them something golden or using a Hitogata. Once inside, head to the center where the king and his apparatus are and talk to them. Optionally, a Peach can be acquired in this room by clicking the cage in the back-right corner and informing Sui-gyou that the red twin from Thi-eng is named "Ying". Go to Mingke-shu and distract Moku-gyou with an Ant or a Koma to enter the tree through his open mouth. Once inside, pick up the Wood Magatama if not already acquired and click on the tree's exit. Moku-gyou will appear and ask who the owner of the eyeball is, the answer being Tou-gyou. After this Rin will be granted passage to the deepest part of the tree, where the Eyeball of Dreaming pulsates in a wall. Pick it up, return to the Palace of Dreaming (which can be done quickly by spinning around outside the Tree of Life until Sui-gyou's face appears on it), then use the Wrench when prompted.

Tong-Nou Book Entry

Under the orders of Sui-gyou (King of Mon-chien), Byou's mission is to head towards Ming-ken (Land of Life). There he must collect the Eyeball of Dreaming. Born with a wrench.


Since his body is decorated with leaves, he loves to camouflage in the shade of trees.


Receives frequent bullying from his fellow comrades because no other creature in the Land of Dreaming possesses leaves.

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