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Land Mon-chien
Location Ping-chao, the Palace of Dreaming
Role Lost Soul

Byou (Bi Yo U, ビョウ') is one of the creatures that Rin can reincarnate as in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. Byou is born in the Land of Dreaming, bearing the mission of replacing Zuo-mong's defective eyeball with a new Eyeball of Dreaming using his Wrench.


Byou is born in Mon-chien, the Land of Dreaming. He must walk to Ping-chao, the Palace of Dreaming, so he can speak with Sui-gyou and Zuo-mong. Here he is informed that a new Eyeball of Dreaming is located underneath Mingke-shu. After acquiring the Eyeball of Dreaming from the deepest layer of the tree, Byou must return and install the new eyeball on Zuo-mong.


Go to the Palace of Dreaming. The simplest way to pass Ah & Ung's riddle at the entrance is to answer "Golden Flower", other options include giving them something golden or using a Hitogata. Once inside, head to the center where the king and his apparatus are and talk to them. Optionally, a Peach can be acquired in this room by clicking the cage in the back-right corner and informing Sui-gyou that the red twin from Thi-eng is named "Ying". Go to Mingke-shu and distract Moku-gyou with an Ant or a Koma to enter the tree through his open mouth. Once inside, pick up the Wood Magatama if not already acquired and click on the tree's exit. Moku-gyou will appear and ask who the owner of the eyeball is, the answer being Tou-gyou. After this Rin will be granted passage to the deepest part of the tree, where the Eyeball of Dreaming pulsates in a wall. Pick it up, return to the Palace of Dreaming (which can be done quickly by spinning around outside the Tree of Life until Sui-gyou's face appears on it), then use the Wrench when prompted.

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