Seven Pearls

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The Seven Pearls are the treasure of the Moon Palace. Each of the pearls were entrusted to one of the Seven Priests, but are now under the protection of the Seven Shells Family due to the crisis in the Moon Palace. Four of the pearls can be found inside of the Underground Palace, while the other three are in various other locations in the Moon Palace. When all of the pearls are brought to Ah and Ung at the Yellow Road Gate, they will perform the incantation to turn the Seven Pearls into Yuipao.


Color Priest Status
Yellow Sang-yi On the middle bridge in the Coral Palace
Blue Sang-er Hiding underneath the Fountain Gatekeeper
Red Sang-san Shoved down Hashira's throat
Purple Sang-qi Inside a wall in the Underground Palace
Green Sang-wu Given to Zako-yin
Brown Sang-lian Given to Sang-nyui
Black Sang-si Taken by Yue-yin

Chu-Teng Tablet Entry

The treasure of the Moon Palace. As a
precaution, Yue-yin entrusted one pearl each
to seven priests for safekeeping. The Seven
Priests will protect the pearls no matter what.

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