Tong-nou (Central Mountain)

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Title Central Mountain
Nearby Par-fang
Area ID(s) E_MOUNT
This article is about the Central Mountain. For the island itself, see Tong-Nou.

Tong-Nou ( To N No U), the Central Mountain is one of the five lands in Eastern Mind. It is the site of the finale of the game, in which Rin must regain his soul. It can be warped to easily from other lands, as well as the island itself, by the Chu-teng symbol.


The Central Mountain is fairly linear. Upon arriving on the ground, there is a seal which must be opened with the Nameplates. The player can turn around to turn back at any point, though they may come face-to-face with one of the members of the A-mong family. After breaking the seal, there are a set of stairs with Tou-gyou's emblem atop one step. At the very top of the stairs is the the top of the mountain; the site of the Octagonal Shrine, Par-fang.




The player has no real reason to enter the central mountain until the endgame, when they have all nine nameplates. If the player has been efficient, they may even have all four of the currently accessible Magatamas (Fire, Wood, Metal, and Water) before this as well. If not, the player will need to acquire them for what is about to come.

Upon placing all Nameplates in the seal, the seal and the nameplates will vanish, removing them from your inventory and letting you pass through to the stairway. Scaling it, the player will come face to face with Tou-gyou. If Rin has all the Magatamas, Tou-gyou will give the him the Force of Earth, before being tasked with collecting the remaining four forces. A full summary of all four places is beneath:

  • The second force can be found in Yui-wang, the Land of Desire.
  • The third force can be found in Mon-chien, the Land of Dreaming.
  • The fourth force can be found in Ming-ken, the Land of Life.
  • The fifth and final force can be found in Shi-chieng, the Land of Time.

After acquiring all five forces, returning them to Tou-gyou will grant Rin the Katana of the Five Forces. If the player wants to do anything else, they may do it now. Otherwise, they can proceed forwards to the Octagonal Shrine, Par-fang.

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