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Land Chu-Teng
Location Star Palace
Role Ruler of Star Palace

Suin-shin ( Su I N Shi N, スインシン, Suinshin) is the creator and ruler of the Star Palace. He can be found in the Monarch's Room, the 12th room of the Star Palace. He is married to Se-yin, queen of the Moon Palace. As the creator of the Star Palace, he is the source of its light.


When you first enter Suin-shin’s room he is asleep because he’s too low on light, to wake him up you have to need one of these items, Twig and Candle, go talk to Shi-tsu and get the Starlight Flame. (Does not include Paper because it will go out if you stopped a single time) Carry the Starlight Flame and go back to Suin-shin, use the Starlight Flame and then he would wake up. Suin-shin has a power of turning Seven Stars to the Shinpao. (Which is an item that the player needs to save Nan-shu’s right eye) So you’ll need to go get the Seven Stars. But there’s both real and fake Seven Stars. The fake Seven Stars is the one that Kui is protecting. The real Seven Stars is in Tsu-tang, to get it you will need a Yakitori. Offer the Yakitori to Tsu-tang and he will give you the actual Seven Stars. Now go back to Suin-shin, give him the Seven Stars and he will turn it into the Shinpao.

Chu-Teng Tablet Entry

Role and Personality

The light who governs the Star Palace. The Star Palace is also the least bright place in all of Chu-Teng and is a frail palace, but it has the highest number of lights. Though weak, Suin-shin is a philanthropist and does things such as sheltering the Stardust Clan which was exiled to the Milky Way. Se-yin of the Moon Palace recently came to Suin-shin under marriage, but there are rumors that this is a scheme of the Moon Palace.

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