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The Zoh-gaeru Family (Zo U Ga E Ru) is a group of four frog-looking creatures who live in opposite corners of the forest within Ming-ken, the Land of Life. Tou must register their lives in the Computer using the Disc of Wood. There are apparently dozens more throughout the land of Tong-Nou, but only these four are seen.



Zoh-gaera is red and can be seen laying on their side while scissor kicking in the air. They wish to be queen of the Zoh-gaeru family.



Zoh-gaere is purple, they appear shy and withdrawn. They are more modest than the other members, only stating that "The Zoh-gaeru Family lives day to day" instead of sharing a grandiose plan for their future in the family.



Zoh-gaeri is green and found squatting while turning their head side-to-side. They have green, grape-like clusters on their shoulder blades. They are also seen as one of the tiny creatures being born from the Tree of Life during the reincarnation cutscene. They have aspirations of the Zoh-gaeru family conquering the world.



Zoh-gaero is yellow and wishes to be a soldier for the Zoh-gaeru family. They are seen rapidly jumping in place and they get annoyed if the player clicks on them enough times.

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