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Title Land of Life
Nearby Mingke-shu
Area ID(s) L_FIELD

Ming-ken (Mi N Ke N), the Land of Life, is one of the five lands in Eastern Mind. It is accessed through Tong-nou's left ear. It is a flat area with several branching paths, eventually leading to a forest. It is the home of Tou and Retsu; the land is ruled by Moku-gyou. Within the forest is the Tree of Life Mingke-shu, where all Tong-nou lifeforms originate.


The tunnel to Ming-ken is a linear pathway with cobblestone walls. It is mostly barren, save for a single Fang-shing. At the end of the tunnel is a wooden plank door that lowers to open.

In the field of Ming-ken, the land is comprised of a pathway that branches off at multiple points. At the first branch, going right will lead you to a dead-end with the Tabelinai. By going left, the player will rarely find Ichi-a-mong, and eventually find another branch. By going left, the player can find a rock with an eyeball that leads to the Phantom Marketplace Hou-ang. By going right, the player can find one of Tou-gyou's emblems. Regardless of which direction is taken, both paths will unite into one path and lead in to the Forest.

The Forest of Ming-ken is crowded and maze-like. At the dead-ends of the forest are the members of the Zoh-gaeru Family, who will only talk to Tou. Towards the west is the entrance to Mingke-shu, the Tree of Life. In addition, there are 2 Fang-shing running around the forest.




A map of the forest in Ming-ken.

Ming-ken is fairly convoluted and maze-like, but it's fairly easy to navigate with a few tricks. For the fields themselves, there is no reason to go to the right at the first fork, as the Tabelinai as optional. From there, the player can either stop at the Phantom Marketplace or, if they are at the endgame and going for the Katana Gems, see Tou-gyou.

The Forest of Life is fairly square-shaped, with the player entering at the south. To make it to Mingke-shu, the player should simply turn left and then keep making turns whenever possible. The members of the Zoh-gaeru family can be found at all the dead ends if the player is seeking for them.

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