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Land Ming-ken
Location Mingke-shu, the Tree of Life
Role Lost Soul

Tou ( To U, トウ) is one of the creatures that Rin can reincarnate as in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. They are the guardian of the Tree of Life, Mingke-shu. Their mission is to register newly-created life using the computer, specifically the lives of the Zoh-gaeru Family occupying the forest in the Land of Life Ming-ken. To do this, Tou is born with the Disc of Wood, which can be inserted into the computer to enter life-registration mode.


Tou is born in Ming-ken, with the task to register his own life and the lives of the Zoh-gaeru family.


Tou must first talk to Moku-gyou, the king of Ming-ken, then to each Zoh-gaeru member residing in the forest to learn their names. After this, they must visit the computer in Thi-eng, within the Fire Tower Tong-tah, which is located in Shi-chieng.

Once at the computer, Tou must insert the Disc of Wood to enter life-registration mode. After entering the names of the four Zoh-gaeru's (which are typed as ZO-U-GA-E-[RA/RE/RI/RO]), Tou should enter their own name and receive a Registration Card, which they must then bring back to Moku-gyou to complete their quest.

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