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Land Chu-Teng
Location Star Palace
Role Star Light

Tsu-tang ( Tsu U Ta N, ツータン, Tsūtan) is a Star Light who is very self-centered. She can be found in the Altar Room, the 8th room of the Star Palace. She serves as the Star Palace's altar and demands that she be prayed to and given offerings. If offered a Steamed Bun, she will fall into a trance and the Seven Stars Book, Starlight and a Twig will fall out of her drawers. If offered a Yakitori, the Seven Stars will fall out of her mouth.

Chu-Teng Tablet Entry

Habitat and Role

A light of the Star Palace. Found in the Heart Room. She functions as an altar for offerings. The drawers on Tsu-tang's body contain many things that have been offered to her.


Tsu-tang is self-important and shameless. She demands offerings and prayers. She is very fussy about the type of offerings and food that she receives.


  • There's a very unnoticed event of Tsu-tang in the game. You could give a Live Torikara to Tsu-tang and she will say "Uhm, this bird is still alive. What the heck? This isn't food. I'm still gonna eat it though." and putting the Torikara inside the lower locked drawer. If you use a Master Key you could free the Torikara and acquire it again, and then she will say "Hey! The bird's getting away. Hm. Next time, make me an offering that looks more edible than that."
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