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Title Land of Time
Nearby Tong-tah
Area ID(s) F_FIELD

Shi-chieng ( Shi Chi E N), the Land of Timeis one of the five lands in Eastern Mind. Within the area, hundreds of candles are dotted around a large yellow plane called the Plains of Chi-u, with each candle representing a life on Tong-Nou. If a candle goes out, the associated being dies. In the center is the Fire-Tower of Time Tong-tah, which houses the Computer.


Eastern Mind Lands
Land of Life Tree of LifeSha-mo Desert
Land of Time Plains of Chi-uFire Tower of TimeComputer Room
Land of Dreaming Palace of Dreaming
Land of Desire Helix Palace (Room of GreedRoom of AppetiteRoom of ImmortalityRoom of Sexual DesireRoom of Destruction)
Central Mountain Octagonal Shrine
Tong-Nou Phantom Marketplace