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We devour supreme pleasure.
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"As the bed swivels, we penetrate Heaven. We devour supreme pleasure. Welcome to Show-mi, the Room of Sexual Desire."

Show-mi ( Shi Yo O Mi), the Room of Sexual Desire, is a room and character inside the Helix Palace. The character itself is a phallic-shaped object on a rotating disc, serving as the center of the room.


Show-mi is a simple, square-shaped room with pink fleshy walls that drip an unknown substance. In the center of the room is Show-mi themself, with Take-yacco on the left wall, Nai-nai on the back wall, and Twei-twei on the right wall.


Tong-Nou Book Entry

Show-mi is the Room of Desire itself, located within the Helix Palace Luo-shang. The name Show-mi has the meaning "to drown in women." True to his name, he lives like Casanova with three wives. He is enshrined on a swiveling bed, with a taciturn disposition.


Rotary movements, ups and downs are his delight. Always taciturn.


Things larger than himself are all dislikes for reasons unknown.


The Room of Sexual Desire, for how abundantly strange it is, is fairly straight-forward. If the player interacts with either Nai-nai, Take-yacco, or Twei-twei too many times, and they lack either the Sheep Intestine or the Panacea, they contract a deadly disease and die. This will gladly ignore the protective powers of the Amulet or Hitogata.

Fortunately, there is no meaningful reason to go into the Room of Sexual Desire; those who are squeamish or otherwise concerned of its content may freely ignore it, and it's actually recommended you do so since there's nothing of value inside.


  • There is supposed to be an age check to cover everything up with XXX symbols for players under 18. However, in the English Windows edition of the game, nothing happens no matter what age the player enters; in addition, the actual text entry form is bugged.
  • Show-mi is the only room of the Helix Palace with more than one character in it.
  • Oddly, Show-mi is described as merely the Room of Desire in the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book, removing the "Sexual" part.
  • In the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book, Show-mi is depicted as a phallus, with the swiveling bed around him depicted as being similar to two testes.
  • The name "Show-mi" may be dedicated to Noboru Iizuka, the 3D modeller for the game, as he is nicknamed "Syo-mi" in the credits.
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