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Mong-aru ( Mo N A Ru ) is a Magatama collector for Sui-gyou, who stores the Magatamas for dreaming purposes. He can be found in Ping-chao, where he is using the Water Magatama to dream. If you interrupt his dream three times, he will kill you. He can be killed with the Peach, which leaves the Water Magatama for you to take.

Tong-Nou Book Entry

Collector of Magatamas for dreaming. His turn
to dream has just arrived. The number of
Magatamas and chambers, within the Palace of
Dreaming Ping-chao are limited. Therefore the
competition involved is extraordinary. For the
residents of this land, dreaming is a matter of life
or death.

Mong-aru has served
as a Magatama
collector at the river
for many years. His
long awaited turn has
just arrived. Wishes for
a wonderful dream,

The conclusion of his
long awaited dream is
most frightening.
Nobody can tell when
his next turn will be.
Thinks this palace
needs more chambers
for dreaming.

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