Milky Way

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Milky Way
Title Milky Way
Nearby Chu-Teng
Area ID(s) AMAMAIN (Milky Way)
B3EV (Stardust A)
C3EV (Kujira)
L3EV (White Road Gate, Ah and Ung)
F1EV (Takochu)
G1EV (Stardust C)
I1EV (Stardust B)
K1EV (Teng-hou)

The Milky Way ( A Ma No Ga Wa ) is a conduit of light that connects the Earth to Chu-Teng. It is the first location the player enters in Chu-Teng.



The player must get a Mine from Takochu and use it to defeat the Dark Amoebas at the White Road Gate. At the gate, you will find Ah and Ung, who are guarding it. They only let those with the Star Tally through the gate. This tally can be gotten from Teng-hou. If you show Ah and Ung the Star Tally, they will open the gate to let you into Chu-Teng.

Chu-Teng Tablet Excerpt

There is also a conduit called the Milky Way that
heads toward the Earth and the sea. The light
spilled from Chu-Teng flows down it to the sea.
The light of Chu-Teng flows
to the island called Tong-Nou
and even towards a world in the sea where light does not reach
called "Kai-Shi."

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