Golden Flower

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Golden Flower
Item Type Puzzle
Source Yui-wang
Item ID 33

The Golden Flower ( O U Go N Ha Na, 黄金の花) is an item in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. It is primarily used to awaken King-gyou, but it has a puzzle application outside this.


The Golden Flower is obtained in the small corridor accessed by moving a pillar on the left side of Yui-wang. There, the player must tap on Long-ri and Long-yui's balls, causing each dragon to come out and breathe fire at the other. This process is repeatable, meaning Golden Flowers are renewable; however, the player can only hold one Golden Flower at a time.


The Golden Flower is primarily used to awaken King-gyou. Rin will need to do this at least once to reach the Helix Palace Luo-shang to acquire his Metal Magatama. Optionally, Sha can use this to talk to King-gyou directly, though they cannot go to the Helix Palace as a direct consequence.

In addition, the Golden Flower can also be used to bypass Ah and Ung's riddle at the entrance to Ping-chao, the Palace of Dreaming.

Tong-Nou Book Entry

When two Dragons encounter a pure soul, they breathe fire out at each other. From these events, the Golden Flower will be born.

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