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The Meditating Giant Clan are a group of characters in Chu-Teng that reside in the Moon Palace. Most of the members serve as living pieces of furniture and architecture for the current Moon Palace, though they remain alive in this state. They practice meditation, which Omedama teaches to anyone who enters the Moon Palace. You can listen to various members of the Meditating Giants with the Rabbit Ears, which can be gotten from Tsukiusa-yin, a follower of the clan.


Meditating Giants



Before the Moon Palace was created, the Meditating Giant Clan lived atop the planet that the Moon Palace resides atop. Yue-yin took over the planet, built the Moon Palace, and later turned the Meditating Giants into living furniture for the Moon Palace and the various places within it; Omedama became the front gate of the palace itself, Hashira and Sufiku became portions of the Underground Palace, and an unnamed member outside the Five-Story Pagoda became the building's door.

Chu-Teng Tablet Excerpt

The Moon Palace was built upon the planet that once housed a tribe called the Meditating Giant Clan. Yue-yin, who governs the Moon Palace, subjugated the gentle Meditating Giants and constructed the Moon Palace. He built a Five-Story Pagoda, a palace of coral, and an underground palace beneath a fountain on that strange stone planet. The Meditating Giants were made into living furniture, gates, and pillars.

Sufiku, one of the brightest minds of the Meditating Giant Clan, was moved deep into the underground palace, and his brain was used to house an interdimensional space. Yue-yin, the Seven Priests, and the Court Ladies began to live in that space.

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