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Original name 中天
Release date April 1995
Format Videogame
Lost? No
This article is about the game. For the in-universe location, see Chu-teng (place).

Chu-Teng (中天, Chūten lit. Mid-Heaven) is a point-and-click videogame released in 1995, for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS as a sequel to Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. It was developed by OutSide Director Company, being directed by Osamu Sato. The game was formerly lost media until its rediscovery by 4chan's /vr/ board in October 2013.


After having regained his soul back from Tong-Nou, Rin is visited by two parts of a creature from above called Nanshu. He says Chu-Teng is in danger due to the light fighting against the darkness and in dire need of Rin's help.

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