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Land Chu-Teng
Location Star Palace
Role Star Light

Kui ( Ku I, クイ, Kui) is a Star Light from who protects a forgery of the Seven Stars. He can be found in the Death and Disease Ceremony Room, the 18th room of the Star Palace. If attacked with the Light Gun, he will drop the fake Seven Stars.

Chu-Teng Tablet Entry

Habitat and Role
A light of the Star Palace. Found in the Ghost
Room. He mercilessly tosses darkness and lights
from other palaces into holes leading to
different spatial dimensions. Having
confidence in this strength, Suin-shin seems
to have appointed Kui to an important duty.

Kui's strength lies in this falling-star
club. He is almost invincible with the
exception of a certain other weapon.
He doesn't hesitate to attack.

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