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Land Yui-wang
Location Luo-shang
Role Creature/Land

Pu-ryao (Pu Ri Ya O), the Room of Immortality, is a room and character in the Helix Palace. The character himself is an incarnation of the Moon, who King-gyou kidnapped to obtain Moon Water. He presents Rin with 6 bottles, promising that one of them is Moon Water that will lead to immortality. Notably, Pu-ryao is the only source of a Game Over in Eastern Mind, should Rin drink the Moon Water. While he's technically not lying, as an immortal, Rin can no longer reincarnate, and will never be able to obtain his soul.


Pu-ryao's dominion is an ever-rotating chamber. Rin enters the room and spins around before facing the exit. To properly speak to Pu-ryao, Rin must turn around. Pu-ryao will offer Rin 6 gems, which turn into 6 bottles of un-labelled liquids. The contents of these bottles are consistent.


  • Pu-ryao


Bottle Color Contains Counter
Blue Water medicine N/A (Safe)
Purple Moon Water Sun Water
Red Poison Morning Glory or Panacea
Cyan Water medicine N/A (Safe)
Pink Water medicine N/A (Safe)
Green Poison Morning Glory or Panacea


Since it is the only source of a Game Over in the entire game, do not drink the Purple bottle, as it contains the Moon Water. Unless you happen to own the Sun Water, it will lead you to an unwinnable state as Rin must live forever with a never-ending time, unable to reincarnate to re-obtain his soul. Even if you are in the late-game and are doing Rin's second life, Immortality is still a Game Over for you.

Fortunately, Pu-ryao's room is entirely optional, so the player can safely ignore it outside of their own curiosity. If the player enters anyways, they may either turn back, or drink the Blue, Cyan, or Pink bottles, which are harmless medicine water and simply let the player continue unscathed.

Tong-Nou Book Entry

Pu-ryao is the Room of Immortality itself, located within the Helix Palace Luo-shang. Pu-ryao, incarnation of the Moon, was brought to Tong-Nou forcibly by King-gyou. The Moon Water he holds will bring forth eternity, the life of gold (which is never ending).


Misses home, the moon. His unfortunate circumstances have demented his personality, making nastiness his supreme entertainment.


Dislikes King-gyou who kidnapped Pu-ryao only to obtain Moon Water.


  • Pu-ryao is the only place Rin can obtain a Game Over in the original Eastern Mind.
  • Pu-ryao is one of three charaters that makes up the room they reside in--the others are Chi-fang and Show-mi.
    • Incidentally, himself and the others are both within the Helix Palace.
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