Long-ri and Long-yui

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Long-ri and Long-yui
Land Yui-wang
Location Secret Room
Role Creatures

Long-ri and Long-yui ( Ro N Ri I & Ro N Yu I ) are a pair of Ball Dragons that can be found inside a secret room in Yui-wang. Interacting with the balls will cause them to transform into dragons and breathe fire. Turning both of the fire-spitting dragons toward each other will produce a Golden Flower.

Tong-Nou Book Entry

Long-ri and Long-yui are Ball Dragons that live in a small room within Yui-wang (Land of Desire). Upon contact with a pure soul, these Ball Dragons turn into real dragons. Long-ri is the Ball of Sun. Long-yui is the Ball of Moon. When Long-ri and Long-yui breathe fire at each other, the Golden Flower is born.


Long-ri and Long-yui enjoy the transmigration upon contact with a pure soul from ball to dragon. They also like the process of producing Golden Flowers.


Since Long-ri and Long-yui are enslaved by King-gyou, the Golden Flowers are taken away unwillingly. The sad part is, Golden Flowers are easily produced upon contact with pure Magatamas and the Ball Dragons have no control over this.


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