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Land Ming-ken
Location Mingke-shu
Par-fang (statue)
Role King

Moku-gyou (Mo Ku Gi YoU) is the king of the Land of Life Ming-ken. He frequently stutters and repeats entire words, as well as hating ants due to an allergy and wooden objects for no apparent reason. On his head is a bird-like creature that is supposed to eat ants, but they take no action when the player presents one. Moku-gyou is embedded in the Tree of Life Mingke-shu, and the player must scare him with the Koma or Ant to enter the Tree of Life through his mouth.


  • Moku-gyou has an extremely obscure line: as Tou, the player must use the ant on Moku-gyou while he is explaining Tou's mission, which causes him to say: "Wha, wha, What are you doing? It's, It's no time for games.".
  • An early render of Moku-gyou shows him with a smaller mouth, an extra pair of eyes, and a nose.
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