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Title Land of Dreaming
Nearby Ping-chao
Tong-nou (Central Mountain) (shortcut)
Area ID(s) W_LAKE1

Mon-chien ( Mo N Chi E N), the Land of Dreaming is a location in Tong-nou. The area is a lake with giant ice crystals for walls, with the entrance being a waterfall. It is the home of Byou and Zen, and ruled by Sui-gyou. It is a rocky place that leads leads to the Palace of Dreaming Ping-chao.


The tunnel leading in to Mon-chien is a linear pathway with rugged, crystalline walls. It is a short, winded path with many characters, including Zen trapped in one of the walls. Clicking on them will cause their face to explode, killing them; this does nothing practical, but they remain dead. In addition, a Fang-shing and Mong-i can be found inside the tunnel, providing dialogue.

Mon-chien is surprisingly desolate, mostly comprised of crystalline pillars and mountains that surround the player, serving as a brief "maze" to the Palace of Dreaming. If the player goes forward from the entrance and turns right, they can find a Chu-teng symbol to easily warp to the Central Mountain Tong-nou. Should the player move west and immediately face the wall they came in from and clicks on the wall, there is a rare chance Goh-a-mong will appear.

Should the player navigate the Land of Dreaming, they will eventually find their way to Ping-chao, the Palace of Dreaming.



While initially confusing, the Land of Dreaming is simple to navigate once you understand its layout; the opening section the player enters from is effectively a 2x3 grid, and is not required to be navigated in its entirety whatsoever. Should the player simply turn right and move forward until they reach a dead end, they will be on a fully linear path to the Palace of Dreaming.

The player should not concern themselves with shortcuts aside from the shortcut to the central mountain; the shortcuts to the other lands are all readily available in the Palace of Dreaming.


  • In the Immortality Sequence, Mon-chien's crystalline mountains are depicted with much duller colors.
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