Su-game Clan

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Su-game Clan
Land Chu-Teng
Location Magatama Planet
Role Clan

The Su-game Clan ( Su U Ga Me , スーガメ族, Sūgame-zoku) are a group of creatures that can be found on the Magatama Planet. There are six members of the Su-game Clan, all of which are identical turtles with four heads that possess special abilities. The front head has the ability to see the flow of the present, the right head sees the past's flow, the left head sees the future's flow, and the back head watches for objects going through Chu-Teng. Each member exists in a different dimension of the Magatama Planet and which dimension you enter depends on which entrance to the planet you go through.


Chu-Teng Tablet Entry

Habitat and Role

They live on the Magatama Planet at the center of Chu-Teng. Their four heads read the flow of the present, past, and future, and they have a habit of stockpiling within their carapace the materials that drift into Chu-Teng. Each one of the sacred Su-game Clan is enshrined in a different spatial dimension on the planet. They live by using the metallic elements put in their altars as nourishment.

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