Rotating Boulder

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"Run! It's the Rotating Boulder! You'll be smashed!"

The Rotating Boulder is a minor character that comes after Rin if the player chooses the bottom left-most lava bubble inside of Tong-Nou's right ear. When its event is activated, two will roll towards Rin — one from the inward canal Rin is facing, and one from the entrance Rin is turned away from. Like other death events, it can be countered with the Hitogata or Amulet. Its rolling will pause should the player face the wall, but it will not stop until it has crushed Rin.

Unlike other Characters, it is listed in the "Tong-Nou Table of Goods & Effects" category of the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book. It is described as a creature that can only rotate, and it is considered to be a "lower" creature of Tong-Nou, potentially explaining why it is listed alongside the items, rather than the Creatures.

Tong-Nou Book Entry

An enormous Tong-Nou creature that has nothing to do but rotate constantly. Considered to be one of the lower creatures.

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