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Land Shi-chieng
Location Plains of Time
Role Lost Soul

Kai (Ka I, カイ) is one of the creatures that Rin can reincarnate as in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. He is the guard of Shi-chieng who protects the Candle of Life, his mission is to use his Leaf Sack to draw the Water of Dreams from Mon-chien to extinguish one particular candle.


Kai, under the orders of Ka-gyou, must use his Leaf Sack to acquire the Water of Dreams and extinguish a candle. After dousing the candle, Kai finds out it represented his own life.


Kai is born in Shi-chieng. He must ascend Tong-tah, the Fire Tower of Time, to access Thi-eng, the computer room. There, he must enter Ka-gyou's name to speak with him, using either a hint from a candle below or the Eye-Glasses to decipher the keys. The king tells Kai that he must extinguish a candle located one step north, one step east, and three steps to the south from the entrance to Tong-Tah, which only makes sense if Kai has the Compass. Before going to the candle, Kai must fill his leaf sack with water by heading to Ping-chao in Mon-chien, entering the room marked with his symbol, and drawing the water from the mountain inside the projection on the wall. After returning to Shi-chieng and following the kings directions, Kai extinguishes the candle.

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