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Land Chu-Teng
Location Star Palace
Role Star Light

Tei ( Te I, テイ, Tei) is a timid Star Light who hides in his room because the recent political instability frightens him. He can be found in the Politics Room, the 10th room of the Star Palace. He has the ability to change the color of his body to blend in with the walls of his room. Since he handles politics, he can tell you a lot about recent news relating to the Star Palace.

Chu-Teng Tablet Entry

Habitat and Role

A light of the Star Palace. Found in the Root Room. The Star Palace, which has only a faint level of light, is formed by 28 lights gathering and linking together in the shape of a small dome. This room is in charge of government.


Tei is timid. Frightened by the recent political instability of the Star Palace, Tei appears to be making use of seclusion techniques.


  • Tei’s legs are same as Cho.
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