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Item Type Utility
Source Tunnel to Shi-chieng
Item ID 25

The Eye-Glasses ( Me Ga Ne, 眼鏡) are an item an Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. They are for use at the Tong-Nou Computer.


The Eye-Glasses are obtained by clicking the central flame in the corridor that leads to Shi-chieng, the Land of Time. Notably, if the player already owns the Eye-Glasses, this fire will instead kill them.


The Eye-Glasses are used to decode the symbols on the keyboard in the Computer Room Thi-eng from Tong-Nou Script into English on command. While revealing the symbols, no input can be made to the Computer. After a few seconds, the symbols revert to Tong-Nou Script and input can be made once again.

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