Registration Card

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Registration Card
Item Type Quest
Source Thi-eng
Item ID 45

The Registration Card (登録証) is an item in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. Tou must acquire it in order to complete his mission.


It is acquired by Tou after he concludes the Registration of Life on the Thi-eng computer. To do this, he must insert the Disc of Wood and then input the names of the four Zoh-gaerus, as well as his own name.


The card must be brought to Moku-gyou, in Mingke-shu. By doing so, Tou's mission will be completed.

Tong-Nou Book Entry

A card given to those who have finished the Registration of Life in Shi-chieng (Land of Time).


  • A registration card is a document issued and filled out by the owner of various items, including software and computer programs.
    • The Registration Card item Tou must acquire seems to be filling the role of a birth certificate in-universe, rather than that of a standard software registration card.
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