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Item Type Quest
Source Finishing a Life's mission
Item ID 1 (Rin)
2 (Byou)
3 (Tou)
4 (Sha)
5 (Kai)
6 (Jin)
7 (Retsu)
8 (Zen)
9 (Gyou)

The Nameplates (札) are items in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. They are quest items that symbolize the player's progress and completed reincarnations.


Nameplates are acquired by completing the mission of one of the nine reincarnations. Upon their ultimate success, their respective nameplate is acquired, and remains in the Furoshiki.


Ultimately, all nine nameplates are required to break a seal that is blocking off the entrance to the stairway on the Central Mountain, Tong-nou. Upon inserting all nine Nameplates at a time, the seal breaks, and all the Nameplates are removed from the Furoshiki.


Inventory Icons

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