Drum of Fire

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Drum of Fire
Item Type Quest
Source Sha
Item ID 39

The Drum of Fire ( Hi Tsu Tsu Mi, 火の鼓) is an item in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. It is one of the four musical instruments which Sha must gather as part of his mission.


The Drum of Fire is obtained by playing the one of the musical instruments partway up the Fire-Tower of Time Tong-tah, when the sound of the drum can be heard. By playing one of the instruments, the Drum of Fire will reveal itself.


The Drum of Fire is one of the four musical instruments which Sha must gather as part of his mission. It, alongside any other instruments, must be played at certain times to acquire the remaining instruments. The other instruments that the Drum of Fire may obtain are located as follows:

  • Koto of Wood: At the entrance to Mingke-shu, the Koto of Wood will be heard. Playing an instrument will have it fall from the tree.
  • Flute of Water: In Sha's room in the Palace of Dreaming Ping-chao, the Flute of Water can be heard. Playing an instrument will have it appear from Sha's Magatama.

After obtaining all four Instruments, the player can either return to Sha's chamber in Yui-wang, or awaken King-gyou to give him the instruments. Should the player keep the instruments for themselves, they obtain the Little Box of Sound. Regardless of the player's decision, Sha's life quest will be completed, and Rin will acquire Sha's Nameplate.

Tong-Nou Book Entry

This drum was made from the shell of fire and the skin of a one legged beast. This drum roars as if it were going to burn your heart out.

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