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This article covers the island that lies far to the east. For the game about this island, see Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. For the central mountain, see Tong-nou (Central Mountain).

Tong-Nou ( To N No U) is the fictional island on which the game Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou takes place. The island is located "far to the east", floating above the oceans of Earth. Its appearance is that of a giant green head.

The Five Lands

Tong-Nou has five lands based on the Chinese "wuxing" (or "five elements"), namely:

Another important location is Hou-ang, the Phantom Marketplace, but it isn't a land.


Interacting with different parts of the island can have many different results. This list of parts is from the island's perspective, not the player's.

Part of head Result
Symbol on back side Enter Central Mountain
Left ear Enter Yui-wang
Left cheek Enter Mon-chien
Right ear Enter Ming-ken
Right cheek Enter Shi-chieng
Right side of forehead Right eye pops out
Left side of forehead Eye enters forehead, bounces around inside of head- touching a bump caused by the eye makes it fly out through mouth
Nose Nose sniffs a few times
Mouth Tongue sticks out a few times
Chin Face scrunches up
Left side Drill comes out from inside head, dark green liquid leaks from resulting hole
Back side Distorted singing


  • The head is played by Osamu Sato himself.
  • This location is the "Eastern Mind" that the game's title refers to.
Eastern Mind Lands
Land of Life Tree of LifeSha-mo Desert
Land of Time Plains of Chi-uFire Tower of TimeComputer Room
Land of Dreaming Palace of Dreaming
Land of Desire Helix Palace (Room of GreedRoom of AppetiteRoom of ImmortalityRoom of Sexual DesireRoom of Destruction)
Central Mountain Octagonal Shrine
Tong-Nou Phantom Marketplace