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Item Type Utility, Trade
Source Prologue, Trade
Item ID 16

The Amulet (O Ma Mo Ri, お守り) is an item in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. It is primarily used for navigation by new players, and for trade in the Phantom Marketplace Hou-ang.


There are two means of acquiring the Amulet, both from the prologue and from trade.

  • An amulet is obtained from the White Snake in the prologue.
  • The amulet can be traded for from the Phantom Marketplace Hou-ang, for either an Eyeball Stone and a Wind Chime, or an Eyeball Stone or some Chopsticks.


The primary use of the Amulet is to protect Rin once from death. Afterwards, it disappears. It protects Rin from almost any source of harm, with a few exceptions (namely the things featured in Luo-shang, the Helix Palace.

Alternatively, the Amulet can also be traded with Mai-chiu at the Phantom Marketplace Hou-ang for the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book.

While the player can trade for the amulet, it is not recommended to do so, as it is usually more of a hindrance--most players will deliberately offload the Amulet in some way (either by deliberately harming Rin or by trading for the Tong-Nou Book) to progress in the game. Ironically, only after when Rin has died for the first time is the Amulet properly useful, as accidental death may be inconvenient while continuing through select lives.

Tong-Nou Book Entry

A charm to protect the wearer against danger.


The prologue sprite.
  • In the prologue, the text for obtaining the Amulet is humorously misspelled as "Amullet" (with an erroneous additional "L").
  • In the prologue, the Amulet has a slightly different appearance, with a different, darker color pallet.
  • The only things the Amulet (and by extension, the Hitogata) cannot protect from are the things in the Helix Palace Luo-shang. This includes:

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