Wood Magatama

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Wood Magatama
Item Type Quest
Source Ming-ken (Inside Mingke-shu)
Item ID 12

The Wood Magatama (木のマガタマ) is an item in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. It is one of the five Magatamas that makes up Rin's soul.


The Wood Magatama is floating inside Mingke-shu, which is guarded by Moku-gyou, the King of the Land of Life Ming-ken. To bypass him, the player must either use an Ant or a Koma to cause him to panic, and enter his mouth before Moku-gyou's partner can intervene. From there, amongst the Magatamas swirling around, one stationary Magatama can be seen spinning in place when facing Moku-gyou. That Magatama is the Wood Magatama, which Rin can freely grab.


The Wood Magatama is used at the very end of the game to re-assemble Rin's soul in the Octagonal Shrine Par-fang. It, as well as the other 4 Magatamas, must be inserted into the Soul's slough to properly return Rin's soul, and finish the game.

In addition, obtaining the Wood Magatama reveals the contents of the Scroll of Wood pages in the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book.


  • Hilariously, the Wood Magatama is misspelled as the Wood Magatana in the Furoshiki (the "M" in Magatama is erroneously swapped with an "N").
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