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Item Type Puzzle
Source Ground near Mingke-shu
Item ID 20
This page is about the inventory item. For the character and lost soul, see Retsu.

The Ant (A Ri, 蟻) is an item in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. It is in fact Retsu, and he is used to enter the inside of the Tree of Life Mingke-shu.


The Ant can only be found near the Tree of Life, Mingke-shu. By turning around in place, Rin can rotate around the Tree itself. On one side facing away from the tree, the Ant can be found scampering around.


The Ant is used to open the gates to the Tree of Life. To do so, it must be thrown at Moku-gyou. You can then enter the inside of the Tree of Life Mingke-shu through his mouth. This can be done as anybody except for Tou, though it is best done by Byou, since he needs to go inside there as part of his quest.

If the player attempts to use the ant as Tou, Moku-gyou will say "Wha, What, What are you doing? It's, It's no time for games.", and the Ant will not be used.


  • Hilariously, the player can fulfill Retsu's life with the Ant in their Furoshiki.
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