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Item Type Currency
Source Hou-ang, Yo-a-mong, Tong-shi
Item ID 19

The Eyeball-Stone ( Me Da Ma I Shi, 目玉石) is an item in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. It is used as a token in the Phantom Marketplace Hou-ang, to trade along with other items to receive items from Mai-chiu.

Obtaining the Eyeball-Stone

The Eyeball-Stone appears in three places:

  • Within the Phantom Marketplace Hou-ang, behind one of the stalls.
  • Within the compartment on the right in the chest of drawers in the Room of Greed Tong-shi.
  • A prize for winning Yo-a-mong's gambling game.

Thanks to Yo-a-mong's gambling game, the Eyeball-Stone is an infinitely renewable item.


The Eyeball-Stone is only used within the Phantom Marketplace, where it is exchanged with other items to acquire different items:

Tong-Nou Book Entry

Where you find the Eyeball-Stone, there is a way to the Phantom Marketplace Hou-ang. Used as a token within the marketplace.

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