Leaf Sack

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Leaf Sack
Item Type Quest
Source Kai (empty)
Ping-chao (full)
Item ID 42 (empty)
43 (full)

The Leaf Sack (葉袋) is an item in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. It is Kai's quest item.


Kai is born with the empty Leaf Sack. The filled version of the item is obtained in the Palace of Dreaming Ping-chao.


The Leaf Sack must be taken to Kai's room in the Palace of Dreaming Ping-chao, and then filled with the Water of Dreaming. Afterwards, it must be taken to the specific candle in the Plains of Chi-u that Ka-gyou has instructed Kai to extinguish, finishing Kai's mission.

Tong-Nou Book Entry

Leaf Sack

Made from durable leaves, this sack is meant for containing the Water of Dreaming, which springs out from Mon-chien (Land of Dreaming).

Water of Dreaming

Water which springs out from Mon-chien (Land of Dreaming). Only this water can extinguish the Candles of Time.


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