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Item Type Inventory
Source Prologue (Eastern Mind)
Starting Item (Chu-Teng)
Item ID N/A

The Furoshiki (風呂敷) is an item and the container for Rin's inventory in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou and its sequel, Chu-Teng. It serves as the games' inventory mechanic.


Eastern Mind

Rin is given the Furoshiki in the Prologue, by the White Snake.


Rin instantly starts with the Furoshiki, despite not being handed it at the beginning of the game.


The Furoshiki is not necessarily an item in of itself, but instead the inventory that holds the rest of Rin's items. Rin can hold as many kinds of items as he wants, though he can only hold one of each kind of item at a time. Attempting to grab a duplicate will cause the game to deny you from picking it up again.

While Rin can lose items from his Furoshiki, either by activating a consumable item's effect, using a key item to unlock something, or via having them stolen the various members of the A-mong Family, it is impossible to lose the Furoshiki itself. The only circumstance Rin's access to the Furoshiki is disabled are the prologues, endings, and Game Overs to the games; circumstances where items would not matter anyways.


In Eastern Mind, Rin's Furoshiki is tracked in the save file by a list of numbers at the end of the .txt--namely, a series of "0,"s and "1,"s (commas included). If Rin has that specific item, it is a "1,", and if Rin does not own it, it is a "0,". Each item is listed in internal order of how it appears in the Furoshiki.

Should the player open their save file in a text editor and replace all the items with "1,"s, they may find they own duplicate variations of quest items, like the Leaf Sack or Katana Gems. This is because the items' variations are all stored internally under separate IDs, which are discretely swapped out for one another when transforming the quest item to give the illusion of an item turning into another variation of itself.

Chu-Teng's Furoshiki system is seemingly a bit more robust, and it is currently not understood as well, though it is assumed to be similar to Eastern Mind's in all but its storage in the save file.



  • The Furoshiki is the only item to appear in both Eastern Mind and Chu-Teng.
  • An early screenshot of the game shows that the Furoshiki was originally labeled "Item".
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