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Item Type Puzzle, Trade
Source Sui-gyou, Trade
Item ID 18

The Peach (Mo Mo, 桃) is an item in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. Creatures in Tong-Nou fear the Peach, as it apparently possesses the power to tear them into two pieces.


The Peach can be obtained through two methods; from Sui-gyou, and in the Phantom Marketplace Hou-ang.

  • It can also be obtained in Sui-gyou's chamber in the Palace of Dreaming Ping-chao, by clicking on it and then answering his question about Ying & Yang, the twins in the Computer Room Thi-eng. By informing him that Ying is the liar, he will allow you to obtain the Peach. Strangely, a glitch is associated with this sequence where the player's cursor will sometimes become invisible until either grabbing the Peach, or turning around.
  • It can be obtained in the Phantom Marketplace Hou-ang by trading an Eyeball-Stone and a Morning Glory for it.


The Peach is primarily used to kill Mong-aru and acquire the Water Magatama. It is required to do this to complete the game, and it is the only required use of the Peach.

Optionally, the Peach has two additional uses on two additional characters. The Peach can be used on the Tabelinai. This will repel it, as it mentions Moku-gyou's fear of the Koma. The Peach can also be used on Ah & Ung, though it is less effective. They will remark they're too intelligent to be scared of it.

In addition, you can trade the Peach itself to Mai-chiu to acquire the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book.

Tong-Nou Book entry

The fruit which creatures of the Tong-Nou World all detest. Kept in a bird cage since it grows afloat.


  • The use of the Peach as a weapon may be a reference to Shinto mythology, where Izanagi, the God of Creation, escapes the underworld using peaches.
    • Ironically, while Izanagi was even able to slay dragons using Peaches, using the Peach on Ah & Ung has the two react fairly ambivalently, despite the two being referred to as dragons if the Hitogata is used. However, using it on Mong-aru has results more in-line with the mythological tale.
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