Katana Gem

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Katana Gem
Item Type Quest
Source Tou-gyou
Item ID 47 (1 gem)
48 (2 gems)
49 (3 gems)
50 (4 gems)
51 (5 gems)

The Katana Gem (剣の玉) is an item in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. It is a quest item that Rin must collect to obtain the Katana. In actuality, there are five Katana Gems in all, comprised of five multi-colored gems that comprise forces of each of the land's elements.


Should Rin own his primary four Magatamas and speak to Tou-gyou's emblem in the stairway on the Central Mountain, Tou-gyou will bestow Rin the first Katana Gem, the Force of Earth. From there, Rin must traverse to the lands to acquire their respective gems from Tou-gyou's emblems, and unite all of their elements. The remaining Katana Gems must be obtained in sequence. The forces and locations are as follows:

  • Central Mountain: The Force of Earth is given on the stairwell. Rin is directed to the Land of Desire next.
  • Yui-wang: The Metal Force of Eternity given from above King-gyou's pedestal. Rin is directed to the Land of Dreaming next.
  • Mon-chien: The Force of Water, which brings Change, is given at the very entrance of the Palace of Dreaming Ping-chao. Rin is directed to the Land of Life next.
  • Ming-ken: The Force of Wood, which produces Life, is given on the fields of the Land of Life, turning left (towards the forest) and to the right (towards Tou-gyou's emblem). Rin is directed to the Land of Time.
  • Shi-chieng: The Force of Fire is given on the plains of the Land of Time, leaning on the Northern side of the Fire Tower Tong-tah. Rin is directed back to the Central Mountain.


The Katana Gems are primarily used as a means to collect each other. Ultimately, owning all five of the gems, meeting Tou-gyou back at the Central Mountain will have him turn them into the Katana.

Tong-Nou Book Entry

Katana of Five Forces

[...] The five Katana Gems, which represent the five forces, must combine as one to become the Katana of Five Forces.



  • The Katana Gems are the only items that Rin can hold in his inventory that lack an entry in the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book.
    • Oddly, the Katana itself does have an entry, which contains a sentence pertaining to the gems instead of the Katana itself.
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