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Item Type Utility
Source King-gyou
Item ID 28

The Panacea ( Ba N No U Ya Ku, 万能薬) is an item in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. It is primarily used in various rooms of the Helix Palace Luo-shang.


The Panacea is one of the six items King-gyou offers to you before he grants you entrance to the Helix Palace Luo-shang.


Like the Amulet and Hitogata, the Panacea will spare you from being killed by several things within the Helix Palace Luo-shang. Unlike the Amulet, the player must manually use the Panacea from their inventory to prevent death. The following interactions are otherwise lethal if the Panacea is not used:

  • Over-eating in the Room of Appetite, Chi-fang.
  • Interacting with the various characters in the Room of Sexual Desire, Show-mi.
  • The poison offered by Pu-ryao.

Tong-Nou Book Entry

A mysterious medicine that cures all, from overeating to illnesses. Its ingredients, you'd never want to know.


  • The Panacea is one of three items that can prevent death that must be used manually. The other ones are the Hitogata and the Morning Glory.
    • Incidentally, the Morning Glory is widely used under similar circumstances; the only place where the Panacea can prevent death that the Morning Glory cannot is in Show-mi.

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