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This article covers the setting of the game Chu-Teng. For the game itself, see Chu-Teng.

Chu-Teng ( Chi Yu U Te N ) is the location in which the game Chu-Teng takes place. It is located above the Earth, in outer space. Chu-Teng takes the form of a triangle, with one of the three palaces of the Sun, Moon, and Stars at each point. These palaces are connected by roads, forming the sides of the triangle. This triangle revolves around the Magatama Planet. There is also the Milky Way, which connects Chu-Teng to the Earth. Outside of Chu-Teng is Ge-Teng, the source of the invading darkness.


Conception of Chu-Teng

Chu-Teng was formed following the end of Eastern Mind. After Tou-gyou was freed by Rin, he flung a pure Magatama into outer space and the sun, moon, and stars ascended toward it. They began to revolve around the Magatama and connected in a triangular formation. A barrier of their combined energies formed around the Magatama, which led to the creation of the Magatama Planet. Each of the celestial bodies created their own respective palaces and took on corporeal forms. The sun created the Sun Palace and took the form of Tai-yang, the moon created the Moon Palace and took the form of Yue-yin, and the stars created the Star Palace and took the form of Suin-shin.

Chu-Teng Locations
Outer Heaven Milky WayGe-Teng
Inner Heaven Chu-TengMagatama PlanetWhite Road GateYellow Road GateRed Road Gate
Star Palace Central Room • Intersections (Ancestry Worship and History ChamberOffice RoomPrincess's RoomTheater) • Rooms (Rooms 3-8Rooms 10-15Rooms 17-22Rooms 24-29)
Moon Palace Five-Story PagodaCoral PalaceUnderground Palace
Sun Palace Treasury