Chu-Teng Tablet

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Chu-Teng Tablet
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Item Type Information
Source Prologue
Item ID 1
The Chu-Teng Tablet.

The Chu-Teng Tablet ( Chi Yu U Te N Ba N, 中天盤, Chūten-ban ) is an item in Chu-Teng. It is the equivalent of the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book from the previous game.


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The tablet contains information about Chu-Teng gathered by Nan-shu. More information can be added to it by finding the Star Plate, Moon Plate, and Sun Plate. When found, Se-yin and Zako-yin can be put inside of the tablet so they can give you information and advice.

Chu-Teng Tablet Entry


These are my ears. They can summon forth information I found about Chu-Teng. You can read information stored in plates you find and also collect light inside. Please gather some information of your own later.

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