Pocket Montage

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Pocket Montage
Original name ポケット・モンタージュ
Release date 28 April 2010
Format Mobile app
Lost? No

Pocket Montage, also known as ポケット・モンタージュ, is an iOS app developed by Outside Directors Company and published by P.R.O. Corp for iPhone mobile devices. It allows for users to create characters using a predefined set of pieces, including eyes, head shape, eyebrows, noses, and mouths.

The app was first released on April 28, 2010 under the name キャラクターメーカー「キモカワ」 (Character Maker Kimokawa), and initially priced at ¥230. It was rereleased as Pocket Montage on January 30, 2011, with Sato's face pack retitled Cutie Freaks and two more packs offered as paid DLC. Sometime after this, the base app would become a free download. It has long been delisted from iTunes, though an IPA is readily available.


Upon opening, the app features four buttons: Make, Gallery, Shake, and Settings.

  • Draw is the main mode of the app, where users can create and save faces.
  • Gallery displays an image gallery of creations saved in Draw mode.
  • Shake creates a random face whenever the device is shaken.
  • Setting contains standard configuration settings for the app.

Face packs

The game's official website lists three face packs. Pack #001 is included with Pocket Montage by default, but the other two are currently thought to be lost media.

  • #001: Cutie Freaks by Osamu Sato
  • #002: DaliPica by Hiro Sugiyama & Enlightenment
  • #003: MOEMOE by OSD


See also

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